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Fuck Yeah Hobrien

Blog dedicated to
Tyler O'Hoechlin & Dylan O'Brien
stars of the MTV hit Teen Wolf.


This is a fan blog and all the opinions here have nothing to do with Tyler, Dylan or MTV.




omg these two are too cute (vote here

hobrien being cute lil shits (✿◠‿◠)


"The only time that I ever broke on set was when we were both paralyzed in the Sheriff Station." (x)

In an Alternate Universe, if Beacon Hills was completely normal and no supernatural, what would your characters be like and when they met, what would their first impressions be? (video) (quote)


The paralized giggling scene/photo (somebody just put the photo under the video becouse I have crappy wifi)



Dylan about who would play him and who would direct movie about him. (x)

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