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Fuck Yeah Hobrien

Blog dedicated to
Tyler O'Hoechlin & Dylan O'Brien
stars of the MTV hit Teen Wolf.


This is a fan blog and all the opinions here have nothing to do with Tyler, Dylan or MTV.

Let’s light up the mood a bit!!

I know we’re all depressed and pissed off because we don’t know if Teen Wolf won or not! But anyway, I have a few ideas for anyone who would like to write some TCA related HoBrien!

  • Tyler keeps texting Dylan about how bored he is during the show.
  • Dylan surprising Tyler during the show by presenting an award
  • Holland, Colton & Posey teasing Tyler about missing his other half.
  • Pre or Past show teasing from the gang about what would’ve happened if they won and what did Tyler & Dylan plan to do after the video?

So those are off the top of my head, if you feel like writing or forward the prompts to someone to write them, be sure to come back and tell me if you wrote them so I can reblog it!!

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